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About Us

Building More Than Cars

Several years ago, When Bill Kilpatrick set out to build his first project, B&C was little more than 1,000 square feet at the end of a warehouse. It didn't take long for Bill to start making a very real impact on customers and associates. Within a next couple years, the growing business outgrew a number of shop spaces. In the first year, Bill moved to a larger, 2,500-squarefoot space in the same building. Then less than two years later, into a 7,500-squarefoot standalone space. Even that larger space didn't accommodate B&C's rapid growth for long, though, and the company finally decided it was time to purchase something permanent.

In 2014, B&C purchased a 10,000-squarefoot shop featuring plenty of room for customer vehicles - with separate areas for mechanical, body and paint activities. Since then, additional buildings have been built to supplement the needs of the thriving business.

With over 30 years of experience, Bill Kilpatrick is known for his fine craftsmanship and attention to detail. Bill and his staff create the most bitchen precision machines on the road today. Their hard work coupled with some of the most advanced machinery in Western New York has made B&C unstoppable in their quest to create the best custom vehicles in the country!

Reputation is King

To what does B&C attribute this remarkably steady growth? Building a great reputation with customers. That approach has seen B&C's staff grow to several full-time employees, working on everything from full frame-off restorations to custom hot rod builds down to small dent or mechanical work.

If we could sell time we would be rich! Since we can't do that, we will make sure that we give the best customer service, pricing, and experience, so that you can feel confident about your investment.

The B&C Crew

Bill Kilpatrick


Tricia Ruffino

Office Manager

Kirk Willis

Shop Manager

Dave Brayer

Lead Mechanic and Painter

Bill Sharp

Body Shop Specialist

Ryan Madison

Electrical Specialist

Glen Diantino

Body Shop Specialist

Brian Martin

Mechanical Specialist

Alexandria Bates


Scott Kettlewell

eBay Store Manager


Floor Supervisor